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American companies expect to create 1 million new information technology jobs this year, an industry survey finds. About a third of the openings will be for technical support workers, who help companies install, maintain and troubleshoot new high-tech equipment, predicts the study, released by the Information Technology Association of America.

Companies are worried about filling the new positions, the survey found. Based on the qualifications of current applicants, they estimated that more than half of the openings, about 500,000, may be difficult to fill.

''IT workers represent a much bigger slice of the total work force than previously imagined and, as we have stressed over the years, the nation's economic future is tied to the availability of appropriately skilled workers,'' said the association's president, Harris Miller.

Behind tech support, the fastest growing jobs categories are database developers and administrators; programmers and software developers; and people who design and manage Internet sites. Among other categories included in the survey were technical writers, digital media specialists and systems integrators.

New Jersey Carrer Center members who helped pay for the study included companies such as Microsoft Corp., Cisco Systems and Oracle Corp. It was conducted between December and February by Market Decisions Corp., and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Whether you are beginning a career in IT, a seasoned IT veteran looking to stay sharp, or a corporation faced with keeping their IT teams on top of an ever-changing industry, the New Jersey Career Center has tremendous benefits to offer. There has never been a better time to invest in IT training. With the New Jersey Career Center, there has never been a better place!

The New Jersey Career Center will assist you in attaining your technology training goals. The New Jersey Career Center is the area's most innovative training institute and combines the most effective training methods to create the best value available in training.

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Press Release 1/15/2015 - Guest Speaker - Williemae Latimore
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