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Who Could Benefit From Attending NJCC
  • For students who are not pursuing a traditional college, careers in the fields of computer technology, office administration or Medical Billing and Coding offer great opportunities and salaries. In a relative short period of time, students can gain skills and complete industry certifications that will not only get their foot in the door for employment but will also lay a terrific foundation career advancement.

  • For students pursuing traditional college, application skills such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint will not only give students an edge in the college arena but will give them strong tools to use in their future careers.

  • For graduating college students, certification and professional development can give the competitive edge to jump start their careers on the path to success.

  • For experienced professionals looking for upward mobility in their careers, professional development and certifications will help sharpen skills and give the competitive edge to reach individual professional goals.

  • For individuals seeking a career transition, NJCC can help develop new skills that will prepare them for success in a new career in computer technology, office administration, Medical Billing & Coding or Medical Office Administration.

  • For businesses and corporations NJCC can offer a variety of training services to improve employee productivity and skills. NJCC also offers job candidate referral programs and opportunities to host trained & certified interns and externs.

Our Mission

  • New Jersey Career Center will prepare our NJCC students for Careers in Office Administration, Computer Technology, and Medical Office Support.

  • New Jersey Career Center will prepare our NJCC students to apply technology in their professional endeavors.

  • NJCC will continually research and adopt the most effective technologies and training tools to best prepare our NJCC students to reach their career and professional goals.

  • NJCC will treat every student with respect and ensure that every student is given individualized instruction and feedback.

  • Professional certification is a primary goal of many of our NJCC students; we at NJCC will make the attainment of the student’s desired certification a major focus during the students educational and training process.

  • New Jersey Career Center will work with businesses, government agencies, and our NJCC students to match the needs of the business community with the technical skills of our NJCC graduates and provide job placement assistance to match our NJCC students with rewarding career opportunities.

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Press Release 2/22/2015 - Advisory Board Committee formation
Congratulations to Yulisbet Zayas for passing CMAA
Notes 1/15/2015 - Guest Speaker - Williemae Latimore
Press Release 1/15/2015 - Guest Speaker - Williemae Latimore
Congratulations to Diana Kathary for passing CMAA
- Press Release 4/13/2013

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