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According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there will be numerous openings throughout the nation for jobs related to office administration such as secretary and administrative assistant because of the need to replace employees who retire from these positions in addition to meeting the needs of new and expanding agencies, schools and corporations. Their research indicates that successful candidates for these jobs must have an education in the computer software applications needed to perform even the most basic duties related to running an office efficiently and effectively.

The Department of Labor also projects that those employees already in the office administration field who improve their skills through continued computer training are more likely to qualify for promotions within an organization. As technology evolves, even those with experience in administrative office positions must update their skills in order to remain valuable to their current employers or gain increased marketability.

New Jersey Career Centerís Office Administration Specialist Career Track provides the education and tools needed for students to enter or enhance administrative careers by providing the necessary training to earn the NJCC Administrative Specialist certificate and the Microsoft Office Specialist certifications.

You can begin your career and gain enduring skills that will fuel your success into the future through choosing the NJCC Career Track to match your individual goals.

Office Administration Specialist
Office Administration Specialist
Course Length - 7 months

Prerequisite Courses:
  • Keyboarding
  • Basic Computing
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Working with Windows XP
  • Working with Windows Vista
  • Internet Fundamentals
Core Program includes:

  • Conducting Effective Internet Research

  • MOS Certification Track
    • Word
    • Excel
    • Power Point
    • Outlook
  • QuickBooks

  • Choice of Required Electives Include:

    • Microsoft Access (Advanced)
    • Microsoft Access Track I (Basic)
    • Microsoft Word Expert
    • Microsoft Excel Expert
    * Students are required to meet 325 course hours for graduation from this program.

    One Optional Elective - (not required for graduation)
    * Students have the choice of one Business or Microsoft Application Course

    Professional Development Seminar Series:
    Included as an optional student resource.

  • Business Reality Lecture & CBT Series -
    • Business Ethics, Personal Presentation for Business, Business Etiquette & Conduct, Time Management/Getting Things Done, Managing Stress
  • Business Communication Lecture & CBT Series
    • E-mail Etiquette, Phone Etiquette Better Business Writing, Better Business Communication,
  • Quality Customer Service Lecture & CBT Series
    • Quality Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction, Calming Upset Customers
  • Managing Your Career Lecture & CBT Series
    • Resume Writing and Review, Effective Interviewing Skills, Motivation and Goal Setting, Assertiveness, Marketing Yourself

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