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Overview of the School's Learning environment and model

New Jersey Career Center offers quality education that is both affordable and flexible. We are dedicated to the individual and can customize a training program to fit your career goals.

Our unique learning environment integrates interactive learning with instructor oversight and mentoring to foster each student’s success working at their own pace with individualized instruction as needed.

For most students schedule flexibility is key to successfully completing their goals. New Jersey Career Center can accommodate almost any schedule with day, evening and weekend hours. Each student has control of their own schedule within the operating hours of the school.

Schools Operating Hours

Monday –Thursday 8:30am to 8:00pm
Friday – 8:30am to 5:00pm
Saturday – 9:00am to 1:00pm

School Admission Requirements & Application Process

New Jersey Career Center’s Admissions process begins with a personal interview and tour of the NJCC facility.  During the personal interview the Admissions Representative will assess your skill levels and prior experience in addition to assessing your educational and career goals. You will also have the opportunity to fill out the application for admission and request information about financial options.

For consideration for general admission to NJCC you must hold either a High School Diploma or GED.  For admission to specific career tracks or courses there may be pre-requisites required. During the student’s interview process the NJCC Admissions representative will ask some basic questions about the computer and/or require the student to take basic keyboarding and/or computer skills tests. Based on the student’s responses and/or scores, the student may be able to test out of the pre- requisite courses and immediately begin their core courses. 

Once a student is accepted, New Jersey Career offers rolling enrollment. Students do not have to wait for the start of the traditional semester or a specified start date.  Students can choose their start date in coordination with the NJCC Admissions Department.  The first day of class will begin with an orientation to acquaint the student with all the faculty and resources that NJCC has to offer. 

NJCC Faculty & Staff

New Jersey Career Center has a highly professional team of faculty and staff with the education, experience and certifications that ensures NJCC’s commitment to quality education and training.   Each faculty and staff member maintains an open door policy and is dedicated to helping all students attain their educational, training and career goals.

For more information or to request and application and personal interview: 

856-327-5555 ext. 140  or 800-844-8333

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Press Release 1/15/2015 - Guest Speaker - Williemae Latimore
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